Tile and Grout Cleaning Carmichael CA – Benefits

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Carmichael CA – Benefits

Spiker’s Tile Care Benefits

Spikers Carpet and Tile Care is not a typical floor cleaning company. Yes we take care of your flooring so that it is not only clean but deep cleaned, but we also take care of you and will make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services.tile and grout cleaning carmichael ca

Our tile and grout cleaning is second to none as we take care of the heavy dirt and grime that builds up on your tile flooring. Your weekly mopping will not pick up everything and over time these particles build up creating a bigger issues and causing your tile and grout to appear dirty. The same goes for showers that are scrubbed occasionally – tile walls will eventually be too hard to scrub clean without professional help.

Grimy and dirty flooring is not only unsightly but it is also a safety hazard as the buildup of unwanted materials can make surfaces feel slippery and hard to walk on. We use a special water extraction method to cleaning grout that deep cleans grout lines while maintaining their firm structure. This allows us to then scrub away heavy stains on tiles as we do not have to worry about using harmful chemicals on the grout.

After we attack the stains and heavy dirt on your flooring in your kitchen and bathrooms we seal the deal by applying a special sealant over the floor to ensure it repels dirt, dust and other materials. Depending on the material of flooring you have, we tailor our methods of applying the seal and the color of sealant used so it not only blends in with the flooring right but it also is applied properly to fully experience its benefits.

Our thorough tile and grout cleaning processes are top notch to not only take care of your flooring but your family as well. We are proud to offer a great service that works and increases the health and safety of your family.