Tile and Grout Cleaning Sacramento CA – Cleaning Grout

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Sacramento CA – Cleaning Grout

How to Effectively Clean Grout

When walking into a room with tile flooring what is the first thing you notice? That’s right, the cleanliness of the grout. It may be difficult to find the motivation on a weekend to spend a few hours and clean your floors but it pays off in the end. By having clean grout and floors it can make a room feel brighter, cleaner and more relaxing to walk on.tile and grout cleaning sacramento ca

The first way to get rid of the dirty ground in between tiles is to spread a mixture of baking soda and water onto the grout. After the mixture is coating the grout you need to spray vinegar on top and then scrub it all away with a brush. This uproots the ground settling particles.

Some claim that the baking soda technique may harm the grout around your tiles and even recommend to stay away from hard chemical cleaners as well. These people also claim that it is best to apply an annual grout sealant on the flooring while softly scrubbing it with safe chemical products. If you are willing to try an unorthodox method to clean the tile grout you can try a pencil eraser or even sanding down the grout.

Often professionals will tell you it is possible to clean with a dry sweep or dry mop and then scrubbing the grout the old fashion way: by hand. After you complete the scrubbing you can clean away any residue or particles with a soft cloth or rag.
If you are not sure what chemicals to use on your grout or your are not sure how to approach cleaning your flooring it may best to consult a professional who is trained to handle this task. It is typically not too expensive to hire a professional to clean or advise you with your cleaning questions.