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Very happy with our services from Spiker!

Our landlady required us to get the (way-overdue-for-replacement-and-you’re-honestly-wasting-our-time) carpets cleaned upon move-out, and we decided to grudgingly oblige with the help of Spiker. We were able to get a deal through Groupon to save on the base maintenance cleaning, and after Gary arrived and discussed the package options, decided to add on the deep-cleaning service while still saving about $100 overall.

Gary was great, super personable, and commiserated with us on the woes of being a renter. I was doing yardwork while he worked on the carpets, and when I mentioned to my husband that I couldn’t find our gardening gloves, Gary loaned me a brand-new pair from a pack he just bought. That above-and-beyond level of customer service, and really just being a friendly and decent human being, is shockingly hard to find! To top it off, Gary threw in the pet cleaning solution that wasn’t included in our package, finished all four rooms of our 900sq ft place in about 30 minutes, and left it looking and smelling fantastic.

This isn’t the kind of service you need often, but even if you’re considering having an annual cleaning just to freshen up your place, I couldn’t recommend Spiker more.

Danette R.

Sacramento, Ca