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Refinish The Wood Floors In Your Business

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If the hardwood floors in your home or business appear dirty, dull, scratched, or rough, it is time to have them professionally cleaned and polished! Luckily, the experts at Spiker Carpet and Tile Care are now offering Hardwood Floor Refinishing in many areas in Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties. My Team can help restore your hardwood floors back to their original, beautiful, clean, and unflawed state. Based on how much traffic the area experiences on a daily basis, we recommend professional refinishing and cleaning of your hardwood floors between 1 – 4 times per year. Call Spiker Carpet and Tile Care for a hardwood floor refinishing quote today!

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Keeping your hardwood floors clean and looking good is important not just for the longevity of your floors, but because for the health of your family. Like carpet and tile, we recommend that hardwood flooring is professionally cleaned and conditioned at least once a year, depending on traffic.

Despite your weekly sweeping, mopping and scrubbing, the hardwood floor in your homes needs professional attention to deep clean, remove scuff marks, and restore shine.

Reasons For Cleaning

Your home and business are the places where your family, friends, and customers gather together daily! Other than foot traffic, there are various reasons for your hardwood floor getting dirty and dull. Moving furniture, equipment traffic and pets are some of the most common offenders for needing Spiker Carpet and Tile’s Care’s hardwood cleaning and restoration service. People, pets, furniture, and equipment can all cause dirt, dust, moisture, and sand to build up; these elements leave behind visible residues and wear. In high traffic areas of your home you might even notice dulling due to the cleaners you are using!

No matter the reason you have for needing your hardwood floor refinished, our experts can help determine what is best for you!

High Tech Equipment

At Spiker Carpet and Tile Care, our Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the best technology available in the area! This specially built equipment is powerful, yet gentle enough to clean, polish, and protect many varieties of hardwood floor. By using our special equipment and a trained professional, you will both improve the look of your hardwood floors AND help extend the life of them. The machine’s rotary brush and self-contained extraction system removes dirt, wax, and residue all without making a mess in your home.

See the technology work for yourself in your home or business soon! Contact us today for a quote.

Our Cleaning Process

At Spiker Carpet and Tile Care we have committed to our slogan of “Doing It Right The First Time”! During your appointment, my Team will prepare the area in your home that will be cleaned. Next, a three-step process will be performed by a fully trained technician in order to clean, rinse and polish your hardwood floor. After that, the cleaning process is repeated with a neutralizer; we do this to remove all of the possible dirt and grime and to restore the pH of the wood.

The last step of the process is to apply a satin or gloss coating; this coating restores the shine and beauty of your floors, plus it protects them against future wear.

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More Of Our Amazing Residential & Business Cleaning Services


Upholstery Cleaning


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Furniture can be as bad as carpets when it comes to dirt and stains. People eat in the living room while watching television and if you are in a household with children it’s likely they’ve used your furniture as a jungle gym, with ice cream fingers and all. Plus, those we know all too well that even the cleanest pet has a tendency to leave behind stains and odors.

We offer the best upholstery cleaning possible and hold this work to the same standards we do our carpet cleaning. We completely vacuum your item to remove any loose dirt. This process is followed by spot and stain removal. Once the furniture is ready, we start our steam cleaning work using our hot water extraction method. This method offers the best in removing all of the grime and gunk that has collected for years on your furniture. We buy the very best in Upholstery cleaning equipment. We use the Sapphire tool that cleans three times better and leaves only half the water behind. If you are looking for fast drying times, look no further.


Tile & Grout Cleaning


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Most people sweep and mop their tile floors on a regular basis, but even mopping doesn’t get all of the grime and build-up out of your tiled floors. Plus, the grout could be host to all types of germs, which definitely isn’t a good thing if you have little kids in the home crawling around or even pets that tend to eat things off the floor. It’s very important That you remove the dirt and just don’t spread it around with a wet mop. This will just let the dirt fall to the grout lines and dry more dirty every time leaving black grout lines. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, we offer the floor cleaning service you’re looking for. Not only can we restore the look of your tiled floors, but we’ll also seal them making sure that they stay protected.You may have thought that you would need to replace your tiles, but there’s no need to take a loan out for a new floor when you can just have the professionals give it a good cleaning with our grout cleaning service for a much lower cost.


Pet Odor Removal


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We use a specially designed product that is made specifically for dealing with pet stains and odors. We apply the product and give it time to dwell and work. During that time it attacks the odor causing materials and begins to digest them so that it can be removed from the carpet. Next we have a special pet spotting tool that extracts from the padding up to the carpet fiber. We repeat this process until the urine is removed. The last step is to deal with any staining. Depending on the pet’s diet and medications it may require some advanced stain removal techniques if the urine hasn’t permanently damaged the carpet.

When Repeat Offenders Strike

There is a point when the above process will not provide the results you need and that we want to provide. For pets that have multiple accidents in one area or have created quite the mess, a full pet odor removal restoration may be needed. During this process, we identify any all spots visible and hidden. We pull the carpet back and remove the pad from the affected area(s) then we clean and seal the subfloor. In extreme cases we may recommend that the subfloor be replaced. Once the subfloor is taken care of we flush the carpet to remove urine from the backing and carpet fibers and take care of any visible staining. We install fresh new pad and re-install the carpet.

Sub-Surface Flushing To Remove Urine

Sub-Surface Flushing is an important part of the Pet Urine Removal Process. In order to effectively remove germs and the urine smell, often times a home will need a more in-depth process completed. That’s where Sub-Service Flushing comes in! My Team and I will walk you step-by-step through the process of Sub-Service Flushing, letting you know what to expect and what kind of results you will get in your home or space. For Sub-Surface Flushing, each 3’x3′ Area has a cost of $30. If your home requires more than six (6) total areas of Sub-Surface Flushing, the cost is discounted to $25 per 3’x3′ Area.

Final Tid Bit About Pet Odor Removal

As we mentioned above, when urine dries it forms into a crystal and when a pet repeatedly marks or urinates in one area the subfloor absorbs that urine. When the home becomes warm and humid, those salt crystals re-liquefy and the odor can come back. We have also seen cases where carpet and pad was replaced but the subfloor was not properly treated. Spots and odor began to become present damaging the new pad and carpet after a few months of use. Remember, there is a science to removing pet odors and you want a qualified and knowledgeable company to help you. We urge you to call us with any questions and we can provide an inspection to discuss you pet accident removal needs.

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