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How long does it take Carpets to dry?

downloadI get asked this question a lot..

Here at Spiker Carpet and Tile care We do it right the first time!

There are many different factors that come into play with this!



How hot it is or isn’t?

How much water was left behind?

Is there any airflow or movement?

I have been to so many houses and they say they had another Carpet cleaning company come out and it took days to dry! We try to take every precaution to make sure this doesn’t happen.

If your from Stockton to Sacramento make sure you have a pro come out with the right equipment. There are a ton of Carpet cleaners who say they do Hot Water Extraction. The problem is they have very inexpensive Truck mounts. Not all truck mounts are the same. The less expensive TMs run out of hot steam very fast and they’re just dumping warm water on your Carpets.This can take days to dry causing mildew and other problems. It is the Hot steam that dries quickly. When a Carpet cleaner doesn’t go through the proper training they can really cause you some problems you don’t want to deal with. When the TM is not strong enough it also can’t suck enough of the water up and this can also lead to very long drying times! Don’t trust just anyone with your Carpets! Here at Spiker Carpet and Tile Care we have the best equipment that makes it easy to get fast drying times. The Truck Mount units we use provide Hot Steam from one end of your house to the other. Our machines also have very big blowers that extract the most amount of water and dirt as possible. Make sure you leave some windows open so the Carpets have good airflow. Make sure you have the heater or Air on depending on what time of year it is. When you want it done right the first time call Spiker Carpet and Tile Care!

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