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How often should I clean my Carpets?

This is a great question! It really depends on how much traffic you have. People can recommend whatever they want but the truth is is different for everyone! I have seen Carpets that are 3 months old with huge traffic lanes and the customer is asking why. We offer many different services here at Spiker Carpet and Tile care. The first service is our General cleaning. This service is for people who don’t have time to Vacuum and keep up on the day to day cleaning. This service can be used every month or 2. We use a service called Hot water Extraction! This services uses Hot steam over 220 degrees to make the fibers bounce back and remove all the heavy impounded dust and dirt in your Carpets. Not much can live through 220 degree steam. This is really the only thing that can hurt your Carpets. When the dirt gets built up to much it starts to make all these tiny abrasions on the Carpet fibers until there’s no more Scotchgard or support on the fibers anymore. Now the Carpet fibers start to lay down in a different direction than the rest of the carpets and this is called Traffic lanes. Traffic lanes can be prevented with regular vacuuming. The next service we offer is called our deep cleaning. This is where we put down traffic lane cleaners and brush the traffic lanes first to release and suspend all the oils and dirt. Then after we do the HWE we go around with a spotter bucket and try our best to remove any other spot the traffic lane cleaners didn’t get. There is no amount of days you can tell someone on when they will need this service. It depends on how much traffic they have. One of the top ways to get grey or dark traffic lanes is from bare feet. the oils from your skin transfer to the dust and dirt and make the dark traffic lanes appear. The other most common way is by leaving your shoes on in the house. The automobile oils transfer to your shoes and you bring those into your house. Thats why its so important to have deep cleanings more often than not. A good rule is to have a deep cleaning every 6 months and General cleanings every 3 months. The next service we offer is our pet and stain packageĀ This works great if your pets are laying on your Carpets, or urinating on your carpets. Its very important to treat this asap. The urine needs to be removed before it starts to make bacteria. This is one of the smells you don’t want in your house. Our stage 1 pet and stain package allows us to inject the odorcide into your carpets and this service works 90% of the time. Our stage 2 is where there is many spots in the same area and we let the chemical soak for 30 min and then flush with a water claw. This allows us to really get into the padding for those more severe cases. The stage 3 is for the worst of the worst at that point we must pull up the carpet and padding and address the subfloor first with treatments before we put new padding and the carpet back down. That’s why its so important to call us right away when it comes to your animals urinating on the carpets. The last service we offer is our protection package. Once we remove all the oils and greases from your Carpets that’s when the Schotchgard bonds to the carpet properly. This is recommended at every professional cleaning but some choose to do this once a year and some do it every month. So thats why its different for every person and there is not set time on when you should have your carpets cleaned. Some people have us out every month to do our Platinum package because they have 4 kids and 2 to 3 dogs. It really just depends on how much traffic you have.