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When a homeowner needs maintenance done on their flooring, it is important to find the best carpet cleaning service available. Without experience in the industry, homeowners will have to take professionals at their word when discussing the effectiveness of their treatment methods. Because of this, a homeowner should only rely on reputable technicians, like those certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). IICRC  certified firms are held to a high standard of ethics and use industry best practices when performing treatment. Their reputation is more important than securing a single job.

If a homeowner opts for something other than the best carpet cleaning service possible, they may be left with floors in even worse condition.  Careless technicians make a common mistake by using too much water, and this can leave the floors damp and using excessive cleaning products can make carpet ready to attract more soil. Excess water also fosters microbial growth and can make the floors unsafe to be around, a particular threat to pets and young children. Poorly trained technicians may also leave soil behind, or neglect to do anything but remove loose soil, something that anyone with a vacuum can do.

IICRC-certified professionals have demonstrated their skills to experienced instructors and must take continuing education courses every year to remain in good standing with the organization. This level of commitment is something that only a focused professional is capable of and is the kind of technician that homeowners should look for when in need.


From the IICRC themselves!