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Rancho Cordova Places & Events

Rancho Cordova Places and Events Brought to You by Your Carpet Cleaner

The one way to fully take care of carpets is to have them professionally and thoroughly cleaned. Having a trained professional take care of your carpets and furniture is the only way to ensure that stains, pet dander and odors are removed. Using a vacuum will remove the top layer of dust and some particles and renting a carpet cleaner will only increase your workload greatly.

Because we pride ourselves on our hot water extraction techniques we guarantee to get deep down in your carpets and clean them as much as they can be possibly cleaned. This process is similar to steam cleaning but we mastered hot water extraction to work on stains and leftover particles that typical vacuuming cannot reach. We not only apply this mastered technique to your carpets but we also make sure your furniture is as clean as possible as well.

Because of the expertise in our teams we are not only able to master carpet and furniture cleaning but tile cleaning as well. For this we use a high-power hot water extraction technique to clean all the way down to the grout of your flooring.

We pride ourselves in the effectiveness and affordability for the top quality service we provide and it is the same reason that so many people in the Rancho Cordova area call us for our help. You want your home clean and we do too. A healthy home means a healthy you.

Rancho Cordova Sights and Events

Rancho Cordova offers many fantastic sights to see and many unique people to match. Home to over 65,000 citizens this city hosts some great features to visit when waiting for your carpets and furniture to dry (about 4-8 hours).

Crocker Art Museum

One of the coolest places to go to in the Rancho Cordova area is the Crocker Art Museum. While your carpets, furniture and tile are drying from their thorough cleaning take some friends or family through this museum to study and appreciate fine art. At 216 “O” Street in Sacramento this museum is one of the most popular in the state of California. The fine art here can give you, your family and your friends hours of enjoyment.

Vintage Ford

Closeby in Rancho Cordova, Vintage Ford offers touring of the most classic cars that come together in the area. This is great for the inner car-lover inside of you or your friends! At 2484 Mercantile Drive you can spend hours here enjoying the vintage and classiness of these beautiful cars.

American River Parkway

This 23-mile parkway travels alongside the American River and has many parks and boat launch points in it. This park is a relaxed park with many ancient oak trees and hosts some reconstructed native american homes, a golf course, and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. This river parkway can show you many animals as well such as wild deer, turkey and hawks.

(Should you have any suggestions about interesting sights, want to promote a local event, or simply know a cool restaurant or cafe, send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of the page)