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Carpet and Children

Dirty Carpet and Children’s Health

Our children can be one of the biggest abusers of our carpet. They’re more likely to spill something, track in mud and dirt from the outside, wipe sticky fingers, and more. The truth is, they just don’t know any better and the condition of the carpet is probably one of the furthest things from their growing mind. Carpet can take a real beating from the day to day hustle and bustle. To restore your carpet back to it’s original beauty, you can rely on the best carpet cleaner, Spiker Carpet and Tile Care.Carpet Cleaning Company

If you do have children in your household, chances are they spend a decent amount of time crawling and playing on the carpet. If you vacuum regularly, your carpet probably appears seemingly clean. But it isn’t the soil you can see that is the most concerning, it’s what you can’t see. The immune system of children isn’t fully developed yet, making them more vulnerable to toxins, bacteria, and sickness. They also have more hand to face contact than adults, transferring whatever they germs they pick up from the carpet onto their face and mouth. Toddlers in particular go through a stage of putting anything and everything in their mouth, including the toys and things they grab from the carpet. The chances of acquiring a rash is also increased while crawling around, when the carpet isn’t clean.

Spiker Carpet and Tile Care understands that the health and well-being of your children is atop your priority list. That’s why it’s also our primary concern when making sure your carpet is not only beautiful, but free from as many germs and toxins as possible. We take great care when working in your home, making sure to use the same cleaning process as we would for our own home.