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Doing It Right The First Time!

Since our company started, our motto has been: “Doing it right the first time” We want each and every one of our customers to be completely satisfied so you will not hesitate to let your family, friends, and co-workers know that we are the perfect carpet cleaning company for them. We offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee on our carpet cleaning service and we honor that guarantee 100%.

We do not use harsh cleaning products in our carpet cleaning service. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets. Simply put, from the first phone call to after your carpet cleaning appointment is done our primary goal is that you get a wonderful cleaning and a wonderful experience that you won’t get from another carpet cleaning company in Antelope.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Packages

Silver Package

Deep Clean Add-on
  • Silver Package includes all the benefits of the Base Package, with the added benefit of removing those spots and stains that are tougher to remove, including your high traffic area
  • Package is for heavy soiling
  • We pre-spray your carpet
  • Traffic lane cleaner applied
  • General spot removal

Gold Package

Pet Stain Add-on
  • Gold Package is our pet preferred choice! It comes with all the benefits of the Silver Package, in addition to tackling stain and odor left behind by your pets, leaving your carpet looking and smelling like the mess never happened.
  • Includes Silver Package
  • Traffic lane cleaner applied
  • General spot removal
  • Professional urine and odor removal
  • Deodorized when finished

Platinum Package

Protector Add-on
  • Platinum Package is as good as it gets! We bring you all the benefits of the Gold Package, in addition to our Scotchgard Carpet and Rug to seal your carpet and help prevent future spots and stains. We clean your carpet to it’s pristine condition and apply protection to keep it looking it’s best, longer!
  • Silver & Gold Package
  • Traffic lane cleaner applied
  • General spot removal
  • Pet and stain package if needed
  • Application of Scotchgard Carpet and Rug Protector
  • Deodorized when finished

Standard Package

This carpet cleaning package is a great for interim cleaning. There are many customers who have good sized families that need more than just one carpet cleaning a year to take care of the dirt and small stains that can happen sometimes. If you haven’t used us before, we recommend the Gold Package or Platinum Package so that we can bring your carpet up to par and then we can maintain it with this cleaning package.

Silver Package

This carpet cleaning package is outstanding for small to medium families who put a lot of traffic on their carpet. It was created to remove oils and soil that are put on the carpet daily. Over time, soil and oils accumulate and need to be extracted from the carpet. We are also stain and spot specialists and have great success removing spots such as koolaid, wine, soda/pop, and other spills from your carpet.

Gold Package

A package for when our furry loved one’s aren’t kind to our carpet, this carpet cleaning service comes with all of the benefits of the Silver Package but you also get professional pet stain removal and pet odor removal. We don’t just mask the odor with air fresheners, we apply a product to the carpet that treats the padding and the carpet. Our pet odor removal breaks down and digests the cause of the odor at the source. After we have fully rinsed the area thoroughly we work on removing any remaining stains that are still present.

Platinum Package

The Bentley of carpet cleaning packages is our Platinum Package. You receive all of the perks of our Gold and Silver cleaning packages, but you also get the added benefits of carpet protector. Our carpet protector can save you money on replacement, protect your investment, and increase the lifespan of your carpet. We highly suggest those with pets or larger families choose this carpet cleaning package. You’ll be glad that you did!

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