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The carpets in your home are probably one of the quickest things to get dirty and no matter how much time you spend vacuuming you’ll still have dirt and grime stuck deep down within. There’s just no way to keep your carpets clean for long, no matter how careful we are or how many precautions we take. Our carpet cleaning service will help get that dirt that’s deep down in the carpet, bringing new life back to it. Neglected carpet isn’t only unsightly for you, your family, and your guests, it can also be a hazard to your health and quality of life. That’s why it’s important to find a time that’s best for you to call on a professional to clean deep down into your carpets to remove dirt, grime, allergens, and even germs and bacteria. We will clean it efficiently, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price. 

You’ll be happy to have it looking and smelling as good as it did the day you bought it! Carpet takes one of the biggest beatings in your home and can often be the most neglected. Life can be busy between work, the kids, pets, and having a social life, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people have a hard time getting around to something like cleaning their carpet. That’s why we at Spiker Carpet and Tile Care make it easy to schedule appointments, get the job done, and get your life back on schedule, fast!

We offer four carpet cleaning packages to choose from!

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Elk Grove Upholstery Cleaning


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Furniture can be as bad as carpets when it comes to dirt and stains. People eat in the living room while watching television and if you are in a household with children it’s likely they’ve used your furniture as a jungle gym, with ice cream fingers and all. Plus, those we know all too well that even the cleanest pet has a tendency to leave behind stains and odors.

We offer the best upholstery cleaning possible and hold this work to the same standards we do our carpet cleaning. We completely vacuum your item to remove any loose dirt. This process is followed by spot and stain removal. Once the furniture is ready, we start our steam cleaning work using our hot water extraction method. This method offers the best in removing all of the grime and gunk that has collected for years on your furniture. We buy the very best in Upholstery cleaning equipment. We use the Sapphire tool that cleans three times better and leaves only half the water behind. If you are looking for fast drying times, look no further.


Elk Grove Tile & Grout Cleaning


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Most people sweep and mop their tile floors on a regular basis, but even mopping doesn’t get all of the grime and build-up out of your tiled floors. Plus, the grout could be host to all types of germs, which definitely isn’t a good thing if you have little kids in the home crawling around or even pets that tend to eat things off the floor. It’s very important That you remove the dirt and just don’t spread it around with a wet mop. This will just let the dirt fall to the grout lines and dry more dirty every time leaving black grout lines. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, we offer the floor cleaning service you’re looking for. Not only can we restore the look of your tiled floors, but we’ll also seal them making sure that they stay protected.You may have thought that you would need to replace your tiles, but there’s no need to take a loan out for a new floor when you can just have the professionals give it a good cleaning with our grout cleaning service for a much lower cost.


Elk Grove Pet Odor Removal


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