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Carpet Cleaning Sacramento – When To Clean Carpets

The Best Time To Clean Your Carpets

Carpet is one of the biggest investments in a home and should be treated like it. Many people think the best time to clean their carpet is when they start to notice dirt or spill a drink on accident. Carpet cleaning should actually take place more often than you think, especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies. If you need carpet cleaning Sacramento, call our experts.carpet cleaning

Typical residential carpets need to be cleaned once per year and more often if the residents are smokers or have allergies from pollens and dust. If a member of your household suffers from allergies, the best time to clean your carpets would to either be before allergy season hits your home area, or right after it is over. This will either prepare you for the upcoming allergy season or rid your home of most allergy-causing substances. carpet cleaningcan rid your carpet of these microbes and drastically lessen your allergy problems in your home.

Another point to consider when planning your carpet cleaning Sacramento schedule is how much traffic your home receives. Houses with more people often need to be cleaned more often, more foot traffic means more dirt and other particles. You can also throw in pets to the mix of possible dirt carriers that come into your home! For example, a single person living in a home in Sacramento, California may only need carpet cleaning once per year, but a family of five with two dogs that lives near a forested location may need the service twice per year.

When considering a carpet cleaning company always look at the different services they provide – ours can be found here on our website. Remember to clean your carpets often because the longer you wait, the more time bacteria and dirt have to manifest in your home.