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Carpet Cleaning Sacramento – Carpet or Hardwood

When to Choose Carpet over Hardwood

Many times when moving into a new home or remodeling, the debate of “carpet vs. hardwood floors” comes up. Each person may have their own preference but here are some reasons to pick carpet instead of hard floors. Our professional carpet cleaning Sacramento experts have this advice for you!

Health Reasons

If a member of your household is more likely to get sick or suffer from allergies, carpet would be your best choice of flooring. When using a hard floor, dirt and other particles are easily swept off the floor and into the air which affects your home’s air quality. Carpet is able to keep more bacteria, dirt and and pet dander between the numerous fibers of the floor. When walking on carpet, unwanted particles are not kicked up into the atmosphere but caught in the carpet’s interior which allows for easy pickup with any vacuum.

Cleaning Preference

Often with carpet, people may think it is harder to maintain than hard floor. With a normal, occasional house vacuuming, carpet can be well maintained. Your annual, or bi-annual, professional carpet cleaning Sacramento can take care of heavy stains and spots! Hard floors require messy mops and re-staining over time. This can take up more time if you are required to constantly mop and keep an eye on your hard floors.  

Style Preferencescarpet cleaning sacramento

Hard floors do come in different textures, colors and patterns but so does carpet. Carpet can either be soft or more firm, short or long and shaggy, indoor or outdoor. Many people like carpet because it’s not only soft on their feet, but they also prefer the relaxing, comfortable feel that we all love at the end of a hard day of work.

Places like kitchens and bathrooms often have hard floors because those rooms are often involved with more foods and liquids that can be dropped and spilled. Everywhere else in the house should be carpet though, because it can be used to fight health conditions and tough cleaning while also allowing you to relax and live in the comfort of your own home.
It is up to you to pick out your favorite carpet. It is up to us to keep it clean for you!