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Carpets First to Get Dirty

Carpet Gets Dirtiest, Fastest

When it comes to your home and the things in it, we understand the carpet is one of the fastest things to get dirty. Not only that, but it also gets the dirtiest! That’s because it gets the brunt of all things, and we can thank gravity for that! Not only do we walk on the carpet with our dirty shoes, socks, and feet, when we drop something, nine times out of ten it’s going to land on the carpet!Carpet Cleaning Sacramento CA

Most people enjoy eating a snack or meal, or having a drink while they watch television. And even though kids tend to be the clumsiest, us adults are also guilty of knocking over and spilling our drinks, and even dropping food on the carpet sometimes. Not only that, but the living room area is where we tend to hang out the most, therefore it’s one of the high traffic areas in our home.¬†Other high traffic area is in front of the front and back door, and also the entry way to use to get from room to room. Walking on the carpet in these areas with our shoes, and even with out socks and feet can rub dirt, oils, bacteria and germs onto these areas, causing stains to populate faster and worse than other areas in our home.

The longer you let these stains set, the harder it can be to remove them. It also give germs, bacteria, and other microbe more time to build their home there, reproduce, and spread to other areas in our home that may not even seem to look very dirty.

We provide excellent carpet cleaning services to our customers each and every time, bringing new life to their carpet and returning greatly and immediately improving the energy in their home. Give Spiker Tile and Carpet Care today and get ready to be amazed at the fantastic results and service we bring to your home!