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Grease, Oil, and Tar Carpet Stains

Removing Tough Grease, Oil, and Tar Carpet Stains

It’s a beautiful day so you decide to go for a nice walk around your neighborhood or the park in charming Sacramento. The blacktop is freshly paved and the walk is clear and smooth. Later that day, after you get home, you notice you’ve tracked something from outside onto your carpet. After closer examination you see that it’s tar! You acknowledge that you must have picked it up from the freshly paved blacktop but how on earth are you going to get it out of your carpet?! You grab the carpet cleaner spray that you bought from the store, out of your kitchen cabinet and begin to scrub the spot. Only, it’s not coming up – in fact, it’s spreading to an even larger area! The was tiny dot is now at least five times bigger than before you started. You feel a sense of dread when you begin to imagine the germs and bacteria that you can’t see, that must be lurking in the fibers.Grease Oil Tar Stains Sacramento CA

Over the weekend you invite over a few friends to enjoy some pizza and watch your favorite tv show. You grab some paper plates, load them up with a few slices of pizza, and have a lovely evening of fun and laughter. You wake up Sunday morning relaxed, refreshed and ready to relish the rest of your weekend. You sit down on your couch and kick up your feet when you notice that someone used the arm of your loveseat as a napkin! Not only is there a greasy, oily stain in plain sight for anyone and everyone to see, but also red pizza sauce! You march into the kitchen to grab a soapy rag and try to scrub the stain out. But the stain isn’t lifting and the scrubbing is beginning to compromise the fabric. Now the damage is irreparable and you have an inner debate on whether it would be more embarrassing to leave the stain/worn out fabric on display as it is, or follow in grandma’s footsteps early by throwing a blanket over the couch.

Both situations could have been reprimanded much easier by simply calling a professional carpet cleaner in Sacramento – Spiker Carpet and Tile Care. We specialize in carpet stain removal without damaging the fabric of your carpet and upholstery. Our professional stain removers understand how expensive and tiring replacing carpet and furniture can be. That’s why we take great care while working in your home, and make the process and quick and easy as possible.