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Red Wine Stain Removal

Removing Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Most of us savor a glass (or three) of wine occasionally. The trend of wine drinking continues to increase in not only women, but men as well. We often enjoy a glass with dinner, with friends, or just casually to unwind after a long day. But what should you do when you spill wine, particularly red wine, on the carpet? If you browse a search engine, you can find endless amounts of suggestions or “techniques” for removing a red wine carpet stain. But how safe is it to take on the task yourself and what are the risks you run by doing so?Red Wine Carpet Stain Sacramento CA

If you’ve ever attempted to remove any bright colored stain from your carpet, then you know the most common problem with this is spreading the stain to an even larger area. The color is diluted, leaks, and bleeds to the surrounding fibers, turning a small red stain into a large pink stain. Adding additional liquids, such as water, to the carpet also runs a higher risk of attracting germs and bacteria. This also causes the stain to sink deeper into the fibers of your carpet, setting the stain more, making it even more difficult to extract.

Maybe after hours of scrubbing you notice that the stain might be slightly lifted, but the side effect of this is the damage caused to the fibers, which is something that cannot be fixed without replacing the carpet, or more simply, covering it up with a throw rug! Spiker Carpet and Tile Care specializes in removing all forms of stains, including red wine, from carpet and upholstery. We use the safest, most effective cleaning methods possible to insure that the stain is gone and the quality of your carpet remains the same.

Maintain the integrity of your carpet for years and years to come by calling up the professional carpet cleaners, Spiker Carpet and Tile Care.