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Stain Removal

Stubborn Carpet Stain Removal

We’re all guilty of spilling our drinks, dropping our food, and carrying in dirty gunk from outside into our home, and onto our carpet. If you live in the Lodi area and need stain removal for your carpet, we can help. There are different levels to stains and most can be pretty tough to get out. The best way to effectively remove a stain without doing damage to the fibers of your carpet is to call a professional as soon as possible. Giving the stain time to set will ultimately make it much harder to Carpet Stains Lodi CAremove. Spiker Carpet and Tile Care understands that you get busy and don’t always have the time to make appointments right away. That’s why we use a hot water extraction process, as well as steaming, to get a deep down clean to get rid of those stubborn stains and remove as much dirt as possible!

We offer different packages, depending on the severity level and type of stains you have. We even have a special package for high traffic areas, which are the areas in your home that are most traveled on, and even a pet package for those times you’re training the puppy or just didn’t make it home in time to let the dog out. We take great care when cleaning up the mess, using the most advanced and effective techniques, and at the same time, we are gentle on the fibers, so as to maintain the integrity of the fibers, keeping your carpet looking and smelling as fresh and new as the day you bought it!

Give Spiker Carpet and Tile Care a call, and you are sure to be impressed! Still unsure? Just check out our review page and see what our customers are saying about the work we’ve done for them! We are your best choice for carpet cleaning!