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Tips On Keeping Your Carpet Cleaner For Longer

Get Rid of Harmful Soil

Other than regular professional cleaning, an essential thing to do in maintaining your carpet is constant vacuuming. The importance of this aspect of carpet maintenance cannot be overemphasized. When we walk on carpets, loose soil and sand particles from our body or footwear get caught in the carpet. The soil and sand become stuck to the carpet fiber and start to slowly rub down on it, causing damage to the carpet fiber and the protective properties of the carpet. As the fiber deteriorates, that spot on the carpet starts to darken. This darker appearance is not only due to the soil particles there but also as a result of the light being reflected differently on the carpet fiber.

What you need to remove the soil particles without causing any harm to your carpet is a vacuum cleaner with an impressive beater bar and a changeable height feature. Checking the beater bar/brush for hairs and fiber particles and cleaning it now and then is quite essential for the maximum performance of the vacuum. If your vacuum is the bag-less type, then you should make sure that its filters are always clean for the proper functioning of the vacuum suction. For those vacuums with bags, the bags should frequently be changed. The more regularly visited areas of the house should be vacuumed more often than not. Homes with pets may need vacuuming every day because of the pet shedding of hair and body oils.

Handling Spots and Spills

Typically, your first instinct after a spill is to get that new and improved spotting product and thoroughly scrub out the unwanted spot. Although this may seem to you like the right thing to do, we strongly advise against it as it would only help to set the stain and worsen the situation. Instead of doing that, we suggest that you place white terry towels on the spot and put some considerable weight on it to allow the towel soak up as much as possible.

Scrubbing the spot would only drive it further down the carpet and as we stated earlier, the scraping while scrubbing the spot may turn it into a stain. Soaking up with white terry towels remains the best way to remove spots from carpets.

Runner Rugs and Walk off Mats

Having runner rugs and walk-off mats at the entrance and exits to your home will help prevent dirt and soil particles from getting to your carpeted areas. Usually, the bulk of the soil particles come off the soles of your shoe in your first few steps on the carpet. But by laying entry rugs and runner rugs, the soil particles will come off on them instead of on that your precious carpet. There are walk-off mats or runner rugs that can be washed or hosed down when they get dirty. We can help you with the cleaning of these entry or runner rugs by washing them at your carpet cleaning appointment time or taking them back with us for cleaning.