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Water Softeners are designed to de-ionize water and to remove minerals. The use of water softeners enhances the power of chemicals. When cleaning things like carpets, your carpets will actually feel softer if you use your Truck mount in conjunction with a water softener. That means A LOT LESS CHEMICALS to get your Carpets cleaner.

Water softeners eliminate, from awning and window washing, mineral deposits that have a tendency to build. The mineral deposits are also removed when cleaning upholstery.

Water softeners are a carpet cleaner’s secret weapon for achieving softer, cleaner carpets after just one use. People who have used water softeners praise how durable the product is. This is one of the simplest and cleanest ways to clean carpets.

Tell me you don’t notice a difference when you take a shower with soft water. Imagine what your Carpets will feel like. I want the best carpet cleaning results period! My goal when cleaning carpets is to use the least amount of chemicals to obtain the best results.

When you live in Elk Grove, Lodi, Galt, Stockton, and most of Sacramento. You have very hard water! Make sure your Carpet cleaning company is using Soft water when cleaning. I want to be the best carpet cleaning company in Sacramento and the other cities I work in, to do that I have to have the best equipment.