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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Most people sweep and mop their tile floors on a regular basis, but even mopping doesn’t get all of the grime and build-up out of your tiled floors. Plus, the grout could be host to all types of germs, which definitely isn’t a good thing if you have little kids in the home crawling around or even pets that tend to eat things off the floor. It’s very important That you remove the dirt and just don’t spread it around with a wet mop. This will just let the dirt fall to the grout lines and dry more dirty every time leaving black grout lines.

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, we offer the floor cleaning service you’re looking for. Not only can we restore the look of your tiled floors, but we’ll also seal them making sure that they stay protected.

You may have thought that you would need to replace your tiles, but there’s no need to take a loan out for a new floor when you can just have the professionals give it a good cleaning with our grout cleaning service for a much lower cost.Tile and Grout Cleaning

Get To the Grout

Our workers actually deep clean the grout lines of your tile floor by hand so they can get in there and scrub out stains. Now that is dedication to your clean floors and family’s safety. Our grout cleaning service follows this step with a hot water extraction method. This method uses over 1000 psi blasted into the grout lines to get everything out of there that our hand scrubbing loosened up. When we’re done your tile floor will sparkle like you just had it put in.

Protect Your Tile

We also want to protect your tile from damage and ensure that those grout lines we took such special care of stay clean, which is why we seal your grout lines, using various methods. Our methods depend on whether we are cleaning ceramic tile or natural stone tile. We offer clear sealant as well as color seal in most situations.

You’ll be thrilled to know that our tile cleaning service offers employees that are Trained and Certified from the IICRC for proper Tile care.


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