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The carpets in your home are probably one of the quickest things to get dirty and no matter how much time you spend vacuuming you’ll still have dirt and grime stuck deep down within. There’s just no way to keep your carpets clean for long, no matter how careful we are or how many precautions we take. Our carpet cleaning service will help get that dirt that’s deep down in the carpet, bringing new life back to it. Neglected carpet isn’t only unsightly for you, your family, and your guests, it can also be a hazard to your health and quality of life. That’s why it’s important to find a time that’s best for you to call on a professional to clean deep down into your carpets to remove dirt, grime, allergens, and even germs and bacteria. We will clean it efficiently, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.

You’ll be happy to have it looking and smelling as good as it did the day you bought it! Carpet takes one of the biggest beatings in your home and can often be the most neglected. Life can be busy between work, the kids, pets, and having a social life, it’s easy to understand why a lot of people have a hard time getting around to something like cleaning their carpet. That’s why we at Spiker Carpet and Tile Care make it easy to schedule appointments, get the job done, and get your life back on schedule, fast!

We offer four carpet cleaning packages to choose from!

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Depending on your type of carpet, stain-resistant warranties can last from 5 to 20 years. Many manufacturer warranties require Professional Carpet Cleaning once every 11 to 18 months. When you’re choosing a carpet cleaner in Rancho Murieta, you want a company that is certified and has the knowledge to properly clean the carpet. At Spiker Carpet and Tile Care, we recommend that you check your warranty! ALL STAIN-RESISTANT WARRANTIES REQUIRE HOT WATER EXTRACTION CLEANING, IMMEDIATE STAIN REMOVAL, AND REGULAR VACUUMING.


Only the Hot Water Extraction method produces hot steam over 230°, which is proven to kill germs and disinfect. This method also recoils the carpet fibers, making them stronger than they were before you had your carpets cleaned.
Quick dry companies have no way to remove the heavy, embedded dirt and sand that causes damage to your carpet fibers. They only use a regular vacuum just like you! After vacuuming, quick dry companies use heavy machines, causing friction that not only embeds hard-to-see dirt into your carpet, but also forces your carpet to bloom and unravel because the machines strip your carpet’s factory protection.


Quick dry companies DO NOT have a way to flush the urine from the padding. At best— they can only clean the surface of the carpet, leaving germs, ammonia, and odors behind.
Make sure you protect your investment by having them cleaned like the manufacturer recommends. No better way to do that than by utilizing one of the highest-rated cleaning companies in the United States to serve you.

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What To Expect With Your Carpet Cleaning in Rancho Murieta:

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When we are dealing with animals, we have to remedy dander and urine. There are only two options when dealing with urine:

  1. The first option is when you pull up the carpet and remove the infected padding. Then, we can see the odor-causing bacteria on the subfloor. After the old carpet padding is removed, we treat the bacteria on your subfloor and install new padding. Lastly, we clean your same carpet. That way, we watched the bacteria-causing odors go away.
  2. If we cannot see the bacteria, the only other option is subsurface flushing. This is when we flood out the floor with enzymes and try our best to flush the urine out of the padding. We let the enzymes do their job, eating away at the odor-causing bacteria. Hopefully preventing any future smells. If a large amount of subsurface flushing is required, you will experience prolonged dry times.

It is very tough when dealing with odors from animals. But, there’s a reason we are one of the highest-rated cleaning companies in the United States– because we are detailed. We do it right the first t

Learn More About Pet Odor Removal in Rancho Murieta

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We use a specially designed product that is made specifically for dealing with pet stains and odors. We apply the product and give it time to dwell and work. During that time it attacks the odor causing materials and begins to digest them so that it can be removed from the carpet. Next we have a special pet spotting tool that extracts from the padding up to the carpet fiber. We repeat this process until the urine is removed. The last step is to deal with any staining. Depending on the pet’s diet and medications it may require some advanced stain removal techniques if the urine hasn’t permanently damaged the carpet.

When Repeat Offenders Strike

There is a point when the above process will not provide the results you need and that we want to provide. For pets that have multiple accidents in one area or have created quite the mess, a full pet odor removal restoration may be needed. During this process, we identify any all spots visible and hidden. We pull the carpet back and remove the pad from the affected area(s) then we clean and seal the subfloor. In extreme cases we may recommend that the subfloor be replaced. Once the subfloor is taken care of we flush the carpet to remove urine from the backing and carpet fibers and take care of any visible staining. We install fresh new pad and re-install the carpet.

Sub-Surface Flushing To Remove Urine

Sub-Surface Flushing is an important part of the Pet Urine Removal Process. In order to effectively remove germs and the urine smell, often times a home will need a more in-depth process completed. That’s where Sub-Service Flushing comes in! My Team and I will walk you step-by-step through the process of Sub-Service Flushing, letting you know what to expect and what kind of results you will get in your home or space. For Sub-Surface Flushing, each 3’x3′ Area has a cost of $30. If your home requires more than six (6) total areas of Sub-Surface Flushing, the cost is discounted to $25 per 3’x3′ Area.

Final Tid Bit About Pet Odor Removal

As we mentioned above, when urine dries it forms into a crystal and when a pet repeatedly marks or urinates in one area the subfloor absorbs that urine. When the home becomes warm and humid, those salt crystals re-liquefy and the odor can come back. We have also seen cases where carpet and pad was replaced but the subfloor was not properly treated. Spots and odor began to become present damaging the new pad and carpet after a few months of use. Remember, there is a science to removing pet odors and you want a qualified and knowledgeable company to help you. We urge you to call us with any questions and we can provide an inspection to discuss you pet accident removal needs.

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